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"Joe and I covered a lot of topics in a relatively short time period. As I always find with clients, there are always more questions. For a free 15 minute web video conference, please contact my assistant Debbie with 2 time frames that would work for a meeting. We are scheduling meetings on Wednesday mornings, but can accommodate other times as well. She can be reached at dburns@harrisgroupcpa.com, please reference Practice of the Practice when you contact her. Thanks for listening, I look forward to helping your business grow."

—Ron Harris, CPA

"As a small business consultant, I'm always looking for the best tools out there. Harris Group has personally saved me thousands of dollars by restructuring my tax plan and also saved hundreds of hours of time. Harris Group's specialty in helping private practices and online businesses make them an ideal resource for my readers and listeners."

—Joe Sanok, Practice of the Practice



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Factor in state and local taxes when deciding where to live in retirement

M Lakin Client Relations Manager

June 20, 2018

Many Americans relocate to another state when they retire. If you’re thinking about such a move, state and local taxes should factor into your decision.

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