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Why a CPA

Top 6 Reasons To Hire An Experienced CPA

Lack of Personal Resources:

Many smart business owners lack the time, education and/or technology to properly manage their income and prepare their taxes. So they rely on accountants in conjunction with financial software to analyze their transactions and organize their financial data.


Trained accountants have the knowledge of in-depth accounting techniques to manage business finances. They have the training required to understand complex financial ratios and analysis methods. An experienced CPA is trained to catch mistakes entering, sorting, or analyzing financial data before they become a significant problem.

Certifiable Education:

A CPA must pass all four parts of the Uniform CPA examination created by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. The rigorous demands made by the board of accountancy are challenging and difficult to master. You can feel confident that a person that has passed this examination has achieved the specified professional standards.

Tax Professionals:

Paying business, federal, and state taxes promptly is a serious concern for all businesses. Costly penalties are incurred if reports and fees are not paid in a timely manner. Trained tax professionals understand these requirements and produce accurate and timely tax filings. A CPA can also reduce your total expenses and payable taxes and help you if you are audited.

Employee Assistance & Training:

Your CPA can provide specialized software training and redesign of your current accounting system. Resulting in fewer costly mistakes later.

Business Consulting:

If you want to know how to go from “getting by” to “earning a living” your CPA can assist you with financial goal setting, creating detailed budgets and designating money to be set aside for investment.

Working with a CPA can help you create a workable budget, avoid overpaying your taxes, and eliminate costly accounting mistakes. To schedule an initial consultation with a Harris Group CPA please call or fill out the form below and specify if you would prefer to meet at the Suttons Bay or Traverse City office.

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